Phishing emails - be alert!

The Information Security team at Oxford University have observed an increase in malicious email activity exploiting the Covid-19 situation. An example of this is that cybercriminals are seizing on the likelihood that people are working from home, and may be susceptible to strange service messages. Recipients may receive branded emails which appear to be non-delivery alerts, missed call or voice mail services. A link in these credible messages will take you to a fake login page which, if you enter your details, will steal your SSO credentials, your personal details and compromise your account.

  • Familiarise yourself with normal services available to you as a member of the University.
  • If you have received something for the first time, exercise caution. Check the email sender or the address bar of web-pages and, if you are uncertain, then don’t engage with it.
  • Send your suspect email, complete with message headers, on a new message to for analysis and advice.

Further detailed advice and guidance on how to keep yourself safe online is available on the Information Security webpages.