Appendix 1: Tariff of Possible Fines

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Disciplinary action will primarily take the form of monetary fines. A fine may be replaced by a warning in less serious cases (with a more severe fine if reoffence occurs).

Disciplinary action will be decided at the discretion of the POP/DPOP according to:

  • the severity of the offence,
  • the offender’s disciplinary record, and
  • the offender’s attitude.
Item Action Fine
Keys (see section 17)

Loss of room key, electronic fob or any other key which is the junior member’s responsibility, or failure to return room key on request or on departure


Obtaining an unauthorised copy of a key or providing a key for use by an unauthorised person

Library (see section 39) Overdue books 10p per day per volume accruing to a maximum of £2 per volume for late return or renewal; 50p per volume for ignoring a recall notice, plus £5 (more at discretion of Librarian) if two recall notices are ignored. 20p a day per overdue DVD accruing to a maximum of £20 per DVD for late return or renewal. Fines will be added to battels in the term in which the fines have been incurred.
  Damage to and loss of library items

If the item can be replaced by the library with another copy of the same edition and format or staff-approved updated edition, the fine will be the full cost (refundable) of replacement plus a non-refundable £10 admin fine. The borrower will receive a copy of the relevant invoice or other proof of cost.

If the item cannot be replaced at reasonable cost or if the necessary edition/format is no longer available, the fine will be a refundable fee of £35 plus a non-refundable £10 admin fine. All replacements will be made by the library (not the borrower) and determination of what constitutes a replacement or whether an item can be replaced will be determined by library staff.

If a borrower with items overdue for more than a term does not respond to communications from the library, the items may be deemed lost and a fine charged. Additionally library privileges may be withdrawn until the issue is resolved. Library items not returned before a student leaves at the end of their final term will normally be deemed ‘lost’ and relevant fines will apply.

  Infringement of other library rules £30 and up depending on circumstances
Battels Late payment (see section 48)

£30 plus interest 2% above UK base rate on the final battels

  Bounced cheques £30

Failure to complete an arrival/departure card (see section 30)

Disciplinary Computer misuse (see Regulation 40) £30 and up depending on circumstances
  Excessive noise/disturbance and unauthorised parties (see section 44) £30-£75 depending on severity
  Antisocial behaviour (e.g. stealing food) £30-£75 depending on severity

Smoking in areas designated as non-smoking (see section 45)


Health and safety and fire safety breaches e.g. letting off fire alarms in a non-emergency situation, failure to evacuate a building when the fire alarm sounds, storing hazardous substances on College property including fireworks, gas and compressed air cylinders, burning candles, cooking (including toasting) in all areas except designated kitchens, unauthorised barbeques (see section 46)

£30-£250 depending on severity

Damage to College rooms, premises, grounds, Property, including littering and soiling

£30-£250 depending on severity plus costs
  Failure to clean up after an event/gathering, failure to maintain communal facilities in an acceptable condition, unreasonable mess £30–150 depending on severity, plus costs
  Leaving personal belongings in rooms during the vacation (see Accommodation Agreement) £30
  Unregistered room guests (see Regulation 16) £30–75 depending on severity

The above list of fines should be regarded as illustrative only, not definitive. The amounts may also be varied depending on aggravating or mitigating circumstances.

The Principal of the Postmasters and Deputy Principal of the Postmasters have discretion to exact other penalties in addition to or instead of fines.

In serious cases, the Principal of the Postmasters will refer the case to the Disciplinary Panel if it appears that a penalty in excess of £250 is likely to be called for.